What You Wish to Know about Adding Value to your Content but have been Reluctant to Ask

What You Wish to Know about Adding Value to your Content but have been Reluctant to Ask

What you need to do to get the type of creativity in material that Google intends to index, that searchers wish to discover, that is likely to boost your site and gain you web links and all the signals that you’ll have to execute well in the rankings, as well as to do well on social networks and content marketing has been talked about a lot.

Lots of content marketing and SEO businesses are talking about the need for unique value and they could use various other words to describe that.


Distinctive, one of a kind material is material with expressions, numbers and visual aids that the search engines have never seen before. It’s been written for the very first time, created and released for the very first time. It is unique and doesn’t show up elsewhere on the internet.

A firm of accountants in Basildon in Essex might have a website with lots of information about accounting standards, advice on filing tax returns and HMRC deadlines but if an accountant in Woodford in Essex makes use of visual aids and videos to promote their business, they are more likely to be successful in their internet marketing and might attract more new business.



Pertinent material would include web content that searchers and search engines feel is very relevant to a searcher’s question and is what they need. Typically you can be on the right subject for the question, meaning you have really used the words and also the expressions that the searcher utilized, but that might not be relevant to what the searcher needs to know.


You need to solve the searcher’s query in a practical, effective way. That must be a page that does the job and provides the material the searcher is looking for.

Distinctively beneficial

This article goes on to discuss this and gives information that is hard to find.

Great user experience

This implies that it’s simple and enjoyable to search anywhere on any type of device. Include two or three photos and also possibly a video. Make sure your paragraphs are short and make use of bullet points whenever feasible.

If you use these standards with your content, you have in fact got a content marketing strategy and this helps with SEO to push you up the Google rankings and help with Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Unique value and your website

1) This is a substantial upgrade versus what’s currently used online, what is easy to access and design. What you would like is for someone to look at your content and think: ‘Wow – I have in fact seen this content presented previously, but it has never before been presented so well and been as easy to understand. I really like this content because of just how well it has been produced, how accessible and how well it has been designed’.

A business networking group in Bexley might have a website with unique content demonstrating how well the group can attract new members and how regular business meetings allow people to network with each other and give testimonials about other companies they have used and the fantastic service they have provided.

2) Information that is conveniently offered but not found anywhere else

This is information that’s not available elsewhere. ‘Information’ means special details, information that, even if it were covered in many different ways, you wouldn’t find it anywhere else on the internet. You would like your site visitor to think: ‘Wow, without this site I would not have discovered the answers I was looking for’. It’s not that – ‘this sentence is unique compared to all the other sentences that have really been written about it’. It’s more like – ‘this information was never available until now’.

An example of that is Walk Score. Walk Score is a website that takes data that is available and places it together into a scoring function. For example, they specified – in this ocean coastline area in San Diego, there are this number of bars and restaurants, supermarkets, banks and chemists which can give you a Walk Score.

Another example is blog posts that give information that was previously not available elsewhere. This is an example from Conductor. Conductor is a business SEO software program and they put together a thrilling post comparing which amounts of direct traffic are probably all natural, and they gathered a lot of data from their system and put it together for people to see – 60% of what’s counted as direct traffic in a lot of these websites, is most likely coming from natural search for which credit should go to the online marketers that obtain that web traffic. This is unique data that could not be found elsewhere.

3) Web content provided with a tremendously different voice or style

This is content that is presented with a significantly different voice or style. This is about the writer behind the content production and web content programmers, the best ones, have some artistry to their work. Think of the experience that you have by looking at a remarkable book concerning a subject versus simply having a look at the Wikipedia site entry. The information may be the same but there are miles of differences.

Unlike when Moz first started, there are now numerous, great blogs as well as resources on SEO and inbound marketing, social media marketing and many other things, yet Moz normally has a fantastic voice and an excellent style.

Adapted from a short article by Rand Fishkin