A visit to Greenwich Park


Greenwich Park


Greenwich Park is located in Greenwich and is considered to be one of the oldest parks in London. It was used as a hunting ground and covers the largest single green area in east London. Due to its historical background, Greenwich Park is also included and counted amongst the Royal Parks of London. The work done by the gardeners transforms London as if by magic.Greenwich Park

Attractions nearby include the National Maritime Museum, The Royal Naval College and the Cutty Sark. There are trains from Charing Cross Station and the DLR runs through Cutty Sark Station connecting to Stratford and the City of London.  River boats are available to the Embankment, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, and Chelsea Harbour and there are boats on the River Thames to Windsor.

It was founded way back in 1433 and covers huge grounds, according to estimates this park is spread over wide 180 acres. This park is also included in “world heritage site”. Greenwich Park holds superb views of London, the River Thames and Isle of Dogs. The opening time of the park is from 6 am for general public and opens from 7 am for traffic and remains open until dusk (all year long).

The area which is now covered by this beautiful park was once owned and governed by the Abbey of St Peter. This area was returned to the crown in the year 1427 and Henry VI gave this huge ground to his uncle Humphrey. He built a house there by the River Thames. The area of this park has also been used as an observatory. Until the 15th century the park was mainly used for hawking and used to attract large crowds even then. The area covered by the park began to take the shape of what we know as Greenwich Park in the next century where deer and a few other animals were introduced. These species of animal were used for hunting and the park quickly began to gain popularity. This area was at one time a health hazard and was one of the first to achieve great rubbish clearance in London.

The boundary that surrounds the park today was built in the 16th century by James I. He surrounded the park with a 12 feet high brick wall and this project was completed at a cost of 2000 pounds. The park was first officially designed in 17th century by Andre de Notre and even today many of his works can be seen in original form.

Greenwich Park was open to the public in the mid 17th century. In 1830 there was a first design for a railway project and according to this project railway line was supposed to pass through the park. This project was never implemented as it faced severe opposition from the public. The project was redesigned and railway lines were laid down under ground.

The modern Greenwich Park is famous for its children’s playground which is built on the lower level of the park. Tourists are particularly interested in the boating lake situated right at heart of Greenwich Park. The Herb garden is also a famous and a must see spot in this mesmerizing park that holds more than 200 types of herbs and plant. This facility is also visited by many colleges and universities as a part of their study trip. Every year large numbers of visitors from all around the world visits the Greenwich Park and enjoys a great time. Greenwich Park is one of those few parks in London which is equally liked by people of all ages.