Marketing Communications History helps Divorce Solicitors in Hendon

london history divorce lawyerLondon’s history as a centre for a small power consistently outperforming stronger opponents was picked up in an interesting blog article tying British marketing communications history to the success of small business.

The marketing communications blog from Bristol Marketing says:

Napoleon called the British “a nation of shopkeepers” and 220 years on, that is still the case. We are not a nation of shop managers; we have more small privately owned business than any other nation in the European Union. That means that we have more businesses able to compete effectively against national and international competition.

Small business success comes from their ability to focus on specifics and improve steadily. Britain is a nation where creativity, innovation, consumer demand, loyalty and charity are imbedded in the nation’s genes. It is these traits and people’s ability to hold onto them in business that allowed the Industrial Revolution to take place in the 19th Century and the communications revolution of the late 20th Century.

An effective network of marketing communications tools and online platforms is essential for a small business to compete effectively in what is becoming a global marketplace. Many small retail outlets in the UK have been successful in creating online shopping websites. Other businesses have grown by using effective marketing communications to promote their products and bypassed the need for a physical shop altogether.

digbys dog planet shop england uk
© Digby’s Dog Planet, Weston Super-Mare, England

One such shop is Digby’s Dog Planet – the local dog accessory store sells the finest dog treats, toys, food and grooming products across the South West of England from it’s base in Weston Super-Mare near Bristol. It is able to provide next day deliveries to dog owners here in London, competing with London based pet shops by reducing overheads and paying delivery fees which are far lower overheads than the cost of retail space rent in London.

For specialist businesses such as a law firm, solicitors are most likely to focus on local law in England, Scotland or Wales. Because laws are different in every country, there is little point in a divorce solicitors in Hendon trying to advertise globally. Instead the solicitors’ firm would be best advised to use a network of historic referrers and business contacts to promote their specialist law firm through business networking events and word of mouth recommendation as a main marketing communications tool.

Divorce Law Solicitors Hendon
Divorce Law Book

A divorce solicitors in Hendon might look to specialise their website with an SEO firm based in North London or Hertfordshire. An online marketing strategy with an SEO Hertfordshire based focus could pull in commuters that travel through Hendon as well as local Hendon residents.

Small businesses that are limited geographically because they require a local physical presence to provide a service would also benefit from a local SEO centric online marketing communications programme. A wedding photographer in Essex would need to spend time travelling to every event that they photograph. For that reason, it is more efficient for them to focus on local work in the Essex and Hertfordshire areas.

A wedding photographer in Essex might work with a UK marketing agency to help with their marketing communications focus on the local market. They could take advantage of some good SEO tips to optimise their website and attract people in the local Essex area who are looking for a wedding photographer.

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