London social media changes for small business roof conversion specialists and cleaning companies

Specialist social media marketing agencyThe way in which people in which people in London share information on social media networks is constantly changing. Whilst the history of social media may only be short, social media networks have changed the course of London history. Businesses have used the tool to flourish, others that were slow on the uptake have vanished from existence. People have found new ways to meet likeminded Londoners through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

A very interesting article was published by small business social media marketing agency, Bristol Marketing this weekend that talks about how small businesses can improve their social media marketing by listening to customers. Businesses such as loft conversion and home improvement companies, carpet cleaning companies, telephone call answering services and self employed medical professionals such as private psychiatrists can all benefit from this.

The article about social media sharing habits says that there are 5 key things for companies to bear in mind:

  1. Adopt a Mobile Friendly social media marketing plan.
  2. Facebook remains the most powerful sharing tool.
  3. Lists and Why… posts are most likely to get shared.
  4. Time your social media posts on Facebook for maximum impact.
  5. Work with a local online marketing agency

Read the full Bristol Marketing advice for small business social media marketing here.

Across London, small businesses are struggling to keep up with the fast paced developments and trends in small business marketing and search engine algorithm changes. SEO developments are set to change again in April with Google updating algorithms to benefit websites optimised for mobile viewing. Phone and tablet Internet searching is now more popular than viewing the Internet through web browsers and getting to the first page on Google will reflect that. For more information on how to get to the first page on Google, click here.

Local search is also an important factor. A London loft conversion specialist company will need to have a responsive website and good use of keywords to perform well on Google. It will also need some interesting digital content that people will share if it is to be successful on social media. Sharing images of roof conversion work for a client is likely to be shared by the client and spread as a means of business recommendation if the work is done successfully.

Cleaning Company WoodfordSimilarly, a private psychiatrist in London will be able to share photos of books, certificates and might find some useful images or ‘e-cards’ to show the kind of mental health or depression issues that they treat. A private psychiatrist in London will need to share social media content that is free from stigma and conveys a message of hope that resonates with potential clients. This means things that appeal to Londoners.

Companies such as roof conversion specialists or cleaning companies may only service a particular part of London and having local place keywords will help. For example Woodford in North East London might be a more specialised search area but this would benefit a company looking for someone searching for ‘carpet cleaning Woodford’. With over 50,000 people living in the area, a carpet cleaning specialist in the Woodford area is likely to find all the business they need that way and can share carpet cleaning tips and images of cleaned homes and offices online.

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