London Commercial Cleaning Companies and Marketing

Commercial Cleaners LondonSince our previous article, the market for commercial cleaners in London has continued to expand rapidly. London has been a city with a tradition of improving hygiene and cleanliness for over a millennia. Sanitation and minimising disease are social policies vital to the growth and development of large conurbations. In fact, seven rivers that have disappeared from view have in fact become sewage removal devices under London.


In order to capture market share and grow their businesses, many of London commercial cleaning companies are going beyond the traditional sale and marketing processes of small businesses. Some are using PR and PR wires to promote their company, spending money on fast expansion. Twinkle Clean use PR Newswire to announce new contracts. Many commercial cleaning companies are visible on London’s road by using creative liveries to decorate their cars and vans. Others still use traditional marketing practices such as leaflet delivery in London.


These marketing practices, however, still need to drive potential customers to their websites or to call and sign up for their cleaning services. Having a strong website presence and good SEO policy is of vital importance. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) allows a London cleaning company to compete on key phrases such as ‘London Commercial Cleaners’, ‘Commercial Cleaning Company in London’ or ‘Office Cleaners in London’. There are various ways in witch SEO can be optimised. Finding a strong SEO company that can a company onto the Google First Page will have a huge impact on the success of a cleaning company’s online marketing strategy. Click here for more information about SEO and online marketing.

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