Heathrow’s place in London History Business Networking and Employment Law

Heathrow Loft ConversionsHeathrow airport is a bastion for fast paced development and innovation that maintains London’s historic position as one of the World’s greatest cities. Where the once bustling ports of the London Docks and London’s East End have given way to online technology and internet business, the once small aerodrome to London’s West has become one of the busiest ports for transporting people and goods from London to the rest of the world. Whilst the airport is based to the South-West of London, it is so busy that airplanes have to circle around central London and wait as far out as over Epping in Essex, the outskirts of the opposite side of London.

Wikipedia says this about the History of London Heathrow Travel Network:

Heathrow Airport started in 1929 as a small airfield (Great West Aerodrome) on land south-east of the hamlet of Heathrow from which the airport takes its name. At that time there were farms market gardens and Orchards there: there was a “Heathrow Farm” about where Terminal 1 is now, a “Heathrow Hall” and a “Heathrow House”. This hamlet was largely along a country lane (Heathrow Road) which ran roughly along the east and south edges of the present central terminals area.

Development of the whole Heathrow area as a very big airfield started in 1944: it was stated to be for long-distance military aircraft bound for the Far East. But by the time the airfield was nearing completion, World War II had ended. The government continued to develop the airfield as a civil airport; known as London Airport and later as Heathrow.

Heathrow consists of five terminals. For terminals 1-3, you should leave the M25 at Junction 14 and take the M4 for one junction. For terminals 4 and 5, you can go directly via the M25.

kiteleys-employment[1]London Heathrow is truly an International airport and the millions of passengers who use this airport each and every year, represent nationalities from all corners of the globe. Not only does it provide employment for thousands of people within the airport, an entire industrial ring has grown up around the airport in supporting and supplier services. This means thousands of jobs in areas that include law and employment lawyer service needs, with companies needing contracts for staff working at the airport and the risks and health and safety needs that comes with. Also, businesses sending staff abroad will often have to ensure their employment contracts cover health and medical care and travel insurance for work. When a company launches an international operation, it needs to consider the costs of employment costs, additional administration and the costs to implement the changes for UK employees as well. A specialist employment law solicitor solicitor in London will be able to advise on legal contract changes.

One way to find a London employment law specialist is through your business network of contacts or a business networking group. Groups such as BNI and 4networking are heavily invested in London and are good at website promotion. If you are interested in business networking, you can search for a local group, such as the Smart Networking Business networking group in Epping, North London or Heathrow area.

For those living beneath the flightpath of Heathrow, noise pollution and air pollution can be a problem. It is because of the detrimental affects to people’s homes that there is so much opposition to the expansion of Heathrow and additional runways. Many people claim that the value of their home has fallen as a result of increased flight numbers. Some would argue that they could not benefit from a loft conversion because of the noise. Yet converting a loft can mean improving sound insulation of the roof. Plane spotting, a popular hobby to some might even mean that plane spotters living under the London Heathrow flight path might want to find a property with a sound insulated loft conversion and skylight to enjoy views of aeroplanes.

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