Developments in Essex Psychiatry

Essex psychiatristYou may love it or loathe it but this summer’s smash hit track ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams has been hailed as a potential source of improvement for mental health according to UK research. Essex psychiatrist, Dr Akeem Sule claims that listening to hip hop can improve the mental state in an article in The Guardian. He has helped create ‘Hip Hop Psych’, a venture to promote the use of hip-hop as an aid to the treatment of mental illness.

“Hip Hop Psych is opening up a new culture which branches across medicine and hip-hop with amazing responses,” neuroscientist Dr Becky Inkster from Cambridge University tells BBC Newsbeat.

Pyschiatry in Essex is a field with many new techniques and research studies. The county, home to hit TV show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ which focuses on the 20-somethings in the area and promotes good looks, fashion and often plastic surgery, has a reputation for putting social demands of appearance in high importance. Many have developed social disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, other eating disorders as well as the glamorisation or recreational drugs through social trends.

essex psychiatristThere are reputable independent mental health consultancies in the area that help people with tailored mental health assessments and treatment. Not only do these Essex psychiatry practices work with patients, many are involved with charities that work towards removing stigma associated with mental health problems. For more about local private psychiatry in Essex, click here.

Alongside psychiatry, there are many other methods that can improve mental health and calm the human mind. Life coaching is an increasingly demanded service, helping people to plan and better manage their day to day lives. Others turn to meditation, either locally, or near to their place of work. Many people in Essex commute to London or the North East London commuter belt. For this reason, there has been a large rise in the number of classes for meditation in North East London and Essex.

Find out more about psychiatry, meditation and life coaching by searching online. Add your location to the search field in order to find practices and classes closer to your location. It may be worth browsing several services, not just those that appear on Google’s first page. Many classes are advertised in local papers or through leafleting. Many local classes are advertised by leaflet distribution in London and Essex. Independent practitioners often advertise through business networking clubs in Essex as well.

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