Divorce Solicitors London

Divorce solicitors LondonDivorce Solicitors London

According to the Grant Thornton UK LLP survey of Britain’s leading family law firms, divorce rates in London and the UK are set to rise as the economic climate improves. It seems lower disposable income is a reason to delay separation and the potentially high legal costs involved in the process of divorce. Divorce solicitors London-wide will be looking at the current trends with interest. Divorce rates in the UK are on the rise, with the number of marriage failures rising to 118,000 couples and the 2013 figure set to show a further rise. The highest percentage of divorces occur between 4-8 years of marriage.  It is said that 42% of marriages end in divorce today. Figures for London are higher than the national average. This is said to be because of higher pressure work and increased financial stresses due to the high cost of living in one of the world’s largest and most expensive cities.  London is also notorious for depriving its population of free time due to longer commutes to work, high costs of leisure activities and childcare.

Divorce solicitors LondonFinding a Divorce Lawyer

When deciding to divorce, many will search online for ‘divorce solicitors London or ‘family solicitors London’. People often know lawyers and solicitors or will ask for recommendations, but if they do not want to announce an impending divorce, they will often use the internet to search for a suitable lawyer. Due to cuts in public funding for family proceedings, there is an increase in the number of divorcees looking to represent themselves in court hearings.  In order to find a lower cost solicitor, Londoners might search for a firm of divorce solicitors in Hendon or their own town. Click here for more about divorce solicitors in Hendon here.

Divorce Solicitor Marketing

In order for clients to find them, solicitors understand that their marketing needs to be good. Getting their website onto the Google first page for leading Internet searches is of huge importance.  To do this, they might seek to share reciprocal links with potential service providers that complement their divorce services, such as an Essex psychiatrist or a life coach in Hertfordshire if they are based in the North London area.  Getting to the top of Google requires specialist knowledge and a law firm is likely to enlist the help of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist. They would also most likely find this through networking or searching for SEO Hertfordshire for example. As divorce rates are set to rise in coming years, this is an important time for firms with partners specialising as divorce solicitors London wide.

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Divorce solicitors London

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