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Information Technologists - Arms

All their members have delighted in effective occupations involving information technology in some kind and are passionate about adding to the higher good of culture and keeping the wonderful practices of the City of London alive. More than 800 leading professionals concern the Company from all segments of the broad ranging IT sector– business owners, industry and government leaders, company supervisors, software engineers, task directors, games market leaders, embedded software specialists, scholastic pioneers and many more.

Their tasks integrate the centuries-old Livery traditions with the power of information technology and computer science to enhance the financial and social welfare of culture. Members offer easily of their time, resources and the contacts readily available through their specific networks to the Company’s charitable and social tasks.

The Company’s regulating body is the Court, which is chaired by the Master of the Company. The Master is supported by the Wardens and a staff team headed by the Company’s Clerk.

Similar to other Livery Companies, their tasks focus on 4 essential areas: Charity, Education, Industry and Commerce, and Fellowship. We additionally run a Journeyman Scheme which supports young IT professionals with leadership potential in the early stages of their occupations.

Education and learning

Information technology could transform the learning process and make it widely available to all in society. The advocate equal access to finding out using IT.

For hundreds of years Livery Companies have supported schools in London and across the country. As a relatively brand-new Company we are specifically proud of our first new construction school, the Hammersmith Academy which we sponsor in collaboration with the Mercers’ Company.

The company follows present advancements in the details technology and pc science areas and determine concerns of critical importance to business and the City in order to advertise debate and awareness. They also mobilise the abilities and resources of our members to promote a pro bono service to entrepreneurs consisting of mentoring and assistance with setting up and running an early phase business.

SEO and Information Technologists

The history of information technology began with the early experiments of Faraday and the developmental work of Alan Turing. There has been rapid developments including the home personal computers in the 1980s, laptops a decade ago and smartphones from 2007.

The Internet has transformed the way we advertise small businesses. Before the Internet, low budget advertising was mainly by door to door distribution of  leaflets.  They now focus their efforts with search engine optimisation and small business SEO is the major focus of SEO firms.

Every search engine optimizer has his own opinion on the best SEO tips for top page positioning on Google. A useful tip is to find a web designer in your area who has SEO experience. Just Google web design in your locality and look for a firm who have SEO expertise. So if you are in Essex, Google web design Essex and look on the top websites for expertise in SEO.

Another useful SEO tip is to use the Google Keyword planner to find keyword suggestions and search volumes for individual keywords. A dentist in Hendon might want to find useful keywords for his website. The planner finds ’emergency dentist Hendon’ and ‘cosmetic dentist Hendon’. Hendon DentistThese are words that he can rank for and attract new clientele.

Hendon is an affluent area and house prices there have gone sky high. People with expanding families are tending to have extensions or loft extensions to provide the extra living space.

Medical topics tend to be difficulty to rank for as there is tough competition from websites with high domain authority. A topic like ‘menopause’ might require very high total page reputation but a good keyword like ‘ menopause matters ‘ may have reasonable search volumes but with lower total page reputation requirements. My wife is an optician with a special interest in the benefits of coloured tinted glasses which help people with Irlens syndrome to read more effectively. These lenses can be fitted into designer glasses like Prada glassesPrada Glasses Venic and these might be worn more often.

People are looking for information and they want the information quickly. One of the great SEO tips from Google is to ensure that your website pages download quickly. Slow download speeds are not welcome and Google provides a program to test your webpage download speed called PageSpeed Insights.

Solicitors are probably more understanding than most on the value of SEO to improve ranking on Google. One of the employment solicitor websites – Aeonsolicitors.co.uk – has a speed of 64% for mobile whereas another , whichsolicitor.info has a mobile download speed of 69%. All things being equal, the second employment solicitors London web site will have an advantage in ranking. Another lawyer website, family lawyers North London, consults us for SEO advice. They have a download speed of 61%. Their website was developed and designed by a major hosting company and the on-page factors are not amenable to change. They are at a disadvantage from the SEO point of view.

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