The Two Stages of SEO

The Two Stages of SEO

The Two Stages of SEO – Reaching the First Page of Google and Keeping the First Page Position

Why the Leading Page of Google?

Online success relies on first page positioning for your target keywords: most internet searchers utilize Google and hardly any of them will look at anything below the very first page of results.

Phase 1 – Achieving leading page placing for target keywords

Google is a company gaining billions from paid adverts on its outcomes pages. Most searches online are with Google due to its online credibility of providing the most effective set of results. Prior to Google being around, web pages were rated entirely on search phrases that were obvious on the web page. This on-page optimisation now requires the use of standard synonyms as well as related words.

Google was the very first search engine to have a client signal (PageRank) in its ranking formula. The hope was that the page with the most inbound ‘link juice’ to the web page (page authority) as well as to the domain (domain authority) must be giving the best data.

Some nineteen years after Google appeared, energetic web link building has really had a significant impact on the world of web links yet Google still discovers that they have worth in the ranking formula. There is no question that the mix of quality in using keywords as well as linked keywords seen on a website and also in the underlying coding and the Total Page Authority – the domain authority plus the page authority – are essential for a web page to get to the top of Google’s search results pages. Nevertheless, this is simply the initial stage in SEO success – arriving on the first page.

Phase 2 – Maintaining top page positioning

The next stage of SEO is maintaining your position on the leading page of Google.

When it comes to web searchers’ routines, Google has accessibility to a significant quantity of data from its search results page, its web browser Chrome, Google Analytics and also from Android. This information gives Google efficient measurements, permitting it to work out how satisfied an individual is with an outcome. Integrated with data about the clustering of customer goals along with artificial intelligence approaches, this creates a dependable system for assessing the importance of online information – carried out in actual time. If a website gives terrific information for a keyword search, site visitors will spend time on it instead of going back to Google for a different result for the very same keyword phrase. It is believed that Google utilizes a similar Quality Score for all-natural search as it does for AdWords. Variables thought to impact Quality Score include:

– Click Through Rate from the initial results page

– Time spent on a web page

– Time invested in a website

– Bounce Rate

– Going back to another website for the very same keyword.

High quality fresh web content will assist a website in getting to the top of Google. Your web pages ought to be meticulously laid out and include eye-catching photos. Video clips, normally 2-4 minutes long explaining your product or service, might prompt internet site visitors to hang around on your website. A blog providing site visitors with on-topic current information may increase the dwell time invested in an internet site as well as lower bounce rates.

If a loft conversion specialist in Chigwell has a website and is targeting keywords like ‘velux roof conversions Loughton’, ‘dormer lofts Essex’ or ‘house extensions Chigwell’, these keyword phrases along with some link power building will certainly help to move the internet site in the direction of the top of Google for those keywords.


A financial adviser in Chigwell in Essex might be needed to help finance property refurbishments and with a website full of information about popular savings and investments and ways to save for one off projects or purchases, their website could also get to the top of Google.

SEO videos covering services they provide would also help to keep the website near the top of Google.

Other ways of promoting your business might include using a leaflet delivery company in your area that can print flyers for you and carry out a leaflet drop in London to give you greater exposure.