Snakes and Ladders for SEO

Snakes and Ladders for SEO

The online game played to improve internet positions for businesses


With the variety of Google updates out there, even if your web traffic has had a boost just recently, you could see it reduce in the rankings tomorrow. It resembles a game of snakes and ladders for SEO.

Online search engines like Google earn money (billions of dollars every month) by adverts on their results pages. Google searches for signs of suitable sites for certain search criteria and on-page factors like using key phrases on the page and also in the underlying text are great starter points.



Google initiated the idea of individual signals to add into formulas for ranking. To start with, this was done by utilizing incoming links to show the authority of internet sites and pages. PageRank, named after one of the founders—Larry Page, is the structure for evaluating website authority. Google makes use of decimal places and updates PageRank constantly. Before December 2013 Google updated PageRank information however it does refrain from doing this now. Moz provides updates for Page Authority and also Domain Authority and this is the best indicator that is available.


Quality Score and also Search Ranking

Another method of examining customer signals is Quality Score. Elements such as bounce rate along with the quantity of time spent on internet websites provide Google with a sign of exactly how effective a website is– a site that people don’t hang around on has the tendency to indicate reduced quality whereas web pages that individuals tend to consider for longer suggest higher quality information and this results in much higher rankings on online search engine results web pages.

There isn’t really simply a fundamental need to renew your SEO, but to furthermore keep track of specifically what’s happening in the forever altering world of advertising and SEO, especially in relation to Google and its formula updates.

If you or your SEO expert has actually discovered a reason to make changes to your SEO strategy, this does not indicate that you have made a mess of things. You have actually identified things and can now make the modifications, though you will need to comprehend the most suitable changes to make.

If you carry out SEO correctly, online search engines will certainly push even more web traffic to your site compared to the total of social network and also e-mail traffic.

When you set up your blog site, that may not be the case. You will certainly need to earn that authority from Google, Bing and various other internet search engines gradually by gaining incoming links– link bait and by networking with your blog website and linked social media networks. It takes a lot of work, dedication and also tenacity.

Similar to any kind of technique — whether it’s business, advertising and marketing or SEO, sometimes a review could be needed. This assists you in evaluating what works well and needs to remain, as well as just what does not work well and ought to be gotten rid of.

There isn’t really a clear-cut plan or timescale within which you need to consider your SEO methods. Yet the earlier it’s looked at the better it is.

  1. Keyword extra padding

If you regularly do keyword stuffing you will certainly need more than a refresh of your SEO strategy, you need to recap with exactly what’s changed in SEO over the last 10 years.

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10 years back, call answering companies might have put the keyword telephone answering service on their web pages many times in the content as well as potentially the meta keyword tag. The main internet search engines do not look at the meta keyword tag anymore. Matt Cutts who was a spokesperson for Google stated that it was ok to put your keyword one or two times on your websites but much more than that makes it look like keyword stuffing which has an adverse effect on positions. So instead, the best call answering company in Essex could make use of different expressions like virtual assistants, diary management in London, telephone answering packages or virtual offices.


Loading your material, your metadata summaries and titles with your target keywords has not helped for many years and would certainly be most likely to result in your website being removed from online search engines. There isn’t really anything set in stone concerning keyword density– the quantity of times that a key phrase is on a website—yet intentionally loading keywords in your content, metadata descriptions and titles will lead to reduced positions in the game of snakes and ladders.

  1. Putting the amount of internet links above the quality of the links

Quality of links is a lot more important than the number you have. Google does not adhere to its 100 web links optimum policy for each web page and also has stated that you can have many links, but if you specifically utilize links to enhance your SEO positions, that should not be done anymore.

  1. Spam blogging

Blogging is not always a good thing though that doesn’t suggest you need to eliminate creating fascinating, good quality material for blog sites around the internet. Material is still king in many ways and by releasing high quality material on blog websites, you could make your business and also your website an authority on topics that are essential to your company business.

It is good to place your material on blog websites that are significant ie those that are connected to your business by some means. An efficient business networking group in Loughton could research other business networking groups either in the local area or further afield to gain an insight into how other networking companies draw in new business contacts to create new leads for current members of the group and make a positive contribution to their business.

A great business marketing consultant who promotes websites might look at other company websites to get an idea of ways to present data on a website but they would still need their own ideas for creating engaging websites and delivering successful SEO campaigns to give your website a high domain authority.


  1. Copying content

Copying content is sometimes necessary and would therefore not cause any issues with Google. However, if you’re duplicating content for SEO, particularly bad content– this is described as ‘deceptive material’ by Google– and you ought to place a link to the initial source so that Google does not punish you.

SEO ought to adhere to the guidelines that Google and also numerous other online search engines have actually established.

  1. Adding keywords to metadata summaries

Keywords used to be put in metadata descriptions and it is still okay to do so, although key phrases in meta summaries are not a ranking feature for SEO anymore.

This does not imply you need to stop using metadata descriptions, neither does it suggest you ought to not place appropriate keywords in them. Rather, you can enhance the value of metadata summaries by composing them with clients in mind to assist them in recognizing why they must click on your internet link rather than somebody else’s.