Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park

Many people inside and outside the country visit different Royal Parks located in London. The Royal Park is a government agency that manages many different parks in London. These parks are over 500 acres and thus are able to provide diversified opportunities to explore, enjoy, walk and picnic.  Running through the northern end of Regent’s Park is Regent’s Canal which links the Grand Union Canal to the former London docks in east London. It includes the Little Venice Canal.

Regent’s Park London is one such park managed by The Royal Parks. Their focus is to provide quality entertainment to their visitors as well as to conserve its parks so that the future generations can also enjoy. The Regent's Park BridgeRegent’s Park is located in the northern central London, half of which comes under the city of Westminster and half of in the London Borough of Camden but they hardly contribute to the management of the park. The surrounding area is populated by the more affluent members of society and this many leaflet distributors in London.

John Nash is the one who designed The Regent’s Park and it spreads over the area of 395 acres. The park contains the Queen Mary’s gardens and William Andrew Nestfield’s Avenue Gardens. Because of these gardens, these parks feature over more than 30,000 roses of around 40 varieties and different specimen plants. The park is a wonderful place to relax as recommended by Counsellors for the treatment of depression.

 Regent’s Park – London Zoo

Inside The Regent’s Park, located near to the north is the London Zoo along with the headquarters of the Zoological society of London. To the west of Regent’s Park, is the private area for the US Ambassador and its executive residence. The Regent’s Park also contains Regent’s College in the southern area of the Park.

To the south west of Regent’s Park is Baker Street, residence to Sherlock Holmes – the famous detective in the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Apart from the London Zoo and the Regent’s College, Regent’s Park also contains an open air theatre and many other restaurants and cafes for the visitors. The open air theatre starts from the late May and continues to the start of September. Some theatre troups from peripheral theatres, such as the ‘Kenneth More’ in Ilford,  perform in the Park Theatre. There are also bandstands that take place inside the Park with evening concerts and a variety of food and beverages. Special toilets for disabled people are also offered. The park is known to be the biggest grass area famous for the sports opportunities it offers in Central London.

The sports that The Park offers are cricket, football, Tennis, Athletics, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, softball to name a few. The Regent’s Park is a source of great amusement for those who are the lovers of architecture and history. Many young footballers wear the colours of their favourite teams – in this locality that is usually Tottenham Hotspurs or the Arsenal. There are a huge amount of statues, antique buildings and memorials that reflect the tradition in London. Separate grounds are constructed for the children who need attendants. To make it more interesting, the Park also offers the boating opportunity on the main lake inside it. When talking about the sports, one shouldn’t forget to admire the huge cycling track that the Park offers to the cyclists all over the city.

To the west of Regent’s Park and near the boating lake is the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The author of this website, is a fellow of the college. Just north of the college is Lord’s Cricket ground where Middlesex County Cricket Club plays its home matches. It is also the centre of world cricket.

Magic Around Regent’s Park

The Regent’s Park has been featured in the blockbuster movies and novel like “One Hundred and one Dalmations, Harry Potter” etc. Among all other facilities that the Park offers, the Garden café also offers suppers, lunch, teas and coffees and people sit down there to relax and have lunch before the open air theatre. There are different terrace with cafes in the Regent’s Park and the hub café is one of them. If offers eye-catching views from the terrace and it is also available for the events like weddings, sports and parties. A variety of entertainment is available including a close up magicianThe Magic Circle is nearby in Euston. Considering all above mentioned factors of the Regent’s Park, there is no reason left to dislike the Park!

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