From New Year celebrations to Family Law Solicitor’s London Office

london divorce solicitorWe’re just a few hours away from another New Year and for many in London and the United Kingdom, people will be turning to their online communities to send greetings and New Year wishes before heading out for a night of fun, frolics and debauchery. For some, marriages may be strained as a result of the night’s shenanigans. London has a history of disputes arising from New Year’s Eve parties.

For Many, New Year’s Eve is a night to drink a little too much, play a little too hard and worry about consequences a little too little. With alcohol washing away inhibitions, infidelity and adultery levels tend to peak on such a night. For some unlucky couples, what happens tonight will be a step on the road to a divorce and a few visits to a family law solicitor or divorce lawyer.

Although the UK divorce laws state that adultery involves actual intercourse outside of the marital arrangement, anything from a momentary lapse and a kiss can be cause for irreconcilable differences and the night often proves to be the start of a boom time for family lawyers in London. Even if those in a position to damage their relationship survive the party, there’s the long walk to Finchley, Barnet or any other suburb where strange things can happen

Divorce solicitor LondonThe ‘long walk to Finchley’ phrase was coined for a film about Margaret Thatcher, herself a bastion of the institution of marriage. Yet it has been used by many to describe the actual N20 London nightbus route as revellers give up on overcrowded busses and return from Central London on foot. For a few lucky (or unlucky) lovers, it is a path that allows them to put a foot wrong for their relationships. For this reason, a family law solicitor in Finchley might be called in to work on a custody case where children are involved in the break-up.

Divorce solicitors in London are kept busier than any other place in the UK according to statistics and it is not uncommon for adultery and irreconcilable differences to track back to New Years Eve. For many, the start of a new year might be an idea to ensure their websites and legal blogs are up-to-date in order to ensure they catch their share of the increase in demand for their legal services. Companies offering websites for accountants and solicitors might also expect a bumper year ahead and avoid too much of a hangover heading into the new year.

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