Marketing week good news for employment in web design and online marketing agencies

social media online marketing agencyLondon has always been a city at the forefront of technical innovation. The history of London shows a network of universities, research labs and innovative companies that have played a huge role in helping London to remain a centre of excellence for cutting edge technology. In the fields of Internet technology, SEO, creative digital work and online marketing, history shows London is a world leader and digital hub cities such as Bristol are keeping pace to benefit the British economy.

Alex Tait writes in Marketing Week:

I’m excited about marketing digital in the UK in 2015. I have been fortunate enough to have spent my entire career working in the industry, from the boom to broader technology adoption and every change since. However, surveying the variety of initiatives this year, something feels different.

Marketing Week Bristol There is a groundswell of government and industry initiatives that have the potential to position the UK as a global leader in digital and technology.

London as a FinTech hub

Every marketer will have noticed Tech City’s dramatic emergence in the past few years, but an event run by Tech London Advocates a few weeks ago promoted London as not only the world’s finance capital but also its emerging FinTech (finance technology) capital. It doesn’t take a leap of faith to argue that the two should be in the same city.

Digital high street initiative

We are arguably the world’s most savvy ecommerce shoppers. The UK spent nearly £3,000 per head on ecommerce in 2014 – the highest in the world. But is this to the detriment of UK high streets? An initiative gathering momentum in 2015 is the Digital High Street Advisory Board, led by the minister for high streets, town centres and markets Penny Mordaunt MP, and drawing on the expertise of leaders from the retail and ecommerce sectors.

Mobile and video advertising

We have an exceptionally vibrant and diverse advertising community. Anyone that has worked in an international digital role will be familiar with our relative sophistication, not only in terms of consumer adoption but also the industry bodies underpinning it. The IAB UK’s focus on mobile and video sets the tone for the year, and the vigour with which the UK industry ensures advertisers have confidence to invest in digital as it evolves has gained an impressive rhythm.

Since the middle of last year, we have, for the first time, had a minister for the digital economy whose department cuts across all the others and has the power to act as a catalyst to drive change forward. Whatever happens come the election in May, we desperately need to make sure this office in government survives. We need it to maintain and maximise our industry’s focus, vision, leverage and competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive international environment.

In London and its suburbs and around key digital hubs such as Bristol, online marketing and digital industry is becoming a leader in employment, providing jobs and income to growing populations. Many small businesses are growing and require legal support due to digital fuelled expansions. Good SEO companies, digital content providers and online marketing agencies will use an expert London employment solicitors to create contracts that allow them to recruit experts and increase digital knowledge.

SEO-SEM-Social-Network-positioningQuality online marketing agency working with small business locally is a mantra that more and more digital creatives work to. By working with local business, creative developers are aware of local issues, local tastes and can provide content that target audiences want to see and digest. Digital creative content can be provided by an integrated online agency that manages social media and seo (search engine optimisation), placing digital content on a small business website as well as their social media and mobile presence. This is particularly true of hubs such as Manchester and Bristol as it is in Tech City, London.


In London, as well as in the heart of tech city, many web design companies are based in the suburbs. You can find quality web design in Loughton and Chingford as easily as in Bristol or London City Centre and Tech City but they are more likely to be lower cost and easier to build a viable relationship with if you are a small business owner.

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