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Eating out in London

London has become a huge metropolis famous for its cultural diversity is an attractive place for tourists. The multitude of people and the wide variety of cultural activities attract people from all over the World. But wherever tourists appear, people who try to make a living out of them appear as well, and often this can result in high prices regarding rent, food and other commodities. Does this mean you have to pay a  fortune every time you go sightseeing and have to eat out? Absolutely not.

You have several different options when eating on a budget in London. One of the most popular meals for example, fish and chips, the trademark of British cuisine is a "must try" amongst the low priced choices for those who intend to enjoy a true local flavour. Fish and chips in LondonUsually served with vinegar sprinkled over it, this meal can be found at most small kebab houses and non-franchise fast food places for as cheap as 3-4.

If You would like to enjoy a good pint of ale with your meal, keep in mind that most pubs offer daily menus often in combination with a drink. These might be slightly more expansive, starting from  5-6, but usually well worth it. Most common options you will run into will be a stew (including curries), pies or some sort of pastry.

English breakfast is considered to be abundant, even heavy by many people, so it might be an ideal choice for lunch as well when you don't have too much time running from one place to another. Some cafes offer all day breakfast for a reasonable price so that you can enjoy some eggs, sausages, bacon and baked beans with toast at any time of the day.

But since London is multicultural, there are plenty of other choices besides the above mentioned staples of British dining. If you happen to wander into London's Chinatown for example, a large number of restaurants will offer you meals from different parts of China, Mongolia, Malaysia and so on within a budget price.

In case you don't necessarily want to have a warm meal, sandwich shops are a great option. They can be found all over London and offer pre-packed sandwiches sometimes as cheap as 1. They also tend to have some pasta salads and a few of them even offer warm dishes (that usually include pre-made pies).

Sandwich bar in London

As You can see, it is not necessary to pay a high price for a decent meal even in London. There are plenty of choices, and everyone can find something to their own taste, even in the budget category - so enjoy your trip and your meals when visiting this great city on the Thames.



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