London – A Brief History of Trade and Business Promotion SEO

London and SEO. A Brief History of Trade and Business Promotion.

Roman London

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London – city – Business Centre

The name London is disputed. What is not in dispute is that it London is one of the leading business cities in the world. It has kept pace with business progress and now leads in online internet business with SEO companies thriving. It may come from the Celtic Llyn, a pool or lake (the river at an earlier period  expanded into a considerable lake. The part of the River  Thames immediately  below London Bridge is still called “the Pool”, and din or dun, can be a  hill, fort, or a place of strength.

The origin of London began with the Roman Conquest in the first  century. Under the Romans Londinium arose. Interestingly, it was one of the nine colonies of Britain, but of less importance than Eboracum (York) and Verulamium (St. Albans).

The stone, known as the London  Stone was set into a the wall in St. Swithin’s Church and  remained there until the church was bombed in the Second  World War. The Stone survived the bombing and now sits in a glass case behind an ornate metal grille  opposite Cannon Street Station.

At the eastern end of the wall, by the riverside, was a  strong fort, succeeded later by the White Tower. The wall  followed a line slightly westward of the Minories to  Aldgate; it then curved to the northwest, between Bevis Marks and Houndsditch (“the ditch beyond the wall”) to  Bishopsgate, where it followed the line still known as  “London Wall” to Cripplegate.


Under the Saxons London became the metropolis of the kingdom of Essex. The city became the capital of England under Alfred the Great, York and Winchester having previously enjoyed that dignity in succession – the former under the Romans, the latter under the Saxons. In 994, the first bridge across the Thames was built.


The White Tower, in the Tower of London, was erected by William I in 1078, on the site of the original Roman fort. William Rufus in 1097 founded Westminster Hall. King John granted the citizens of London several charters, and in Magna Charta it was expressly stipulated that London should have all its ancient privileges and customs as well by land as by water.

Wat Tyler’s Rebellion took place in 1381, with the picturesque part played by the Lord Mayor of that time.


In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, so rapid had become the increase in population of London, that both Elizabeth and James I. issued proclamations against any further extension of the city.

The reign of Mary witnessed the burning of heretics at Smithfield and that of Elizabeth the patriotic rally of the citizens in defense of the country against the Armada.
During the Civil War, London sided with the Parliament. and 1649, saw the execution of Charles I. at Whitehall.


Some of the finest of the old buildings in London, such as Somerset House, the Mansion House, and the Horse Guards were built at the end of the 1700s. But the metropolis, as we know it, is very largely a creation of the Victorian Age, most of the leading streets having been widened and improved – many of them actually constructed – and many of the chief public edifices remodelled, if not built, during that period.

The formation of wide arteries – such as New Oxford Street and Regent Street, in the early years of the nineteenth century; of Farringdon Street and Queen Victoria Street, later on, and of the broad avenue connecting Oxford Street with Old Street; of the Shaftesbury and Rosebery Avenues, and of Charing Cross Road, in more recent times; and during the present century the construction of Kingsway and the widening of the Strand and Fleet Street.

Post World Wars

London is one of the leading business and financial centres in the world. London Business Promotion

Many large national institutions are based in the Capital. There are more than 100 City of London Livery Companies representing the majority of professions from solicitors and doctors to Carmen and Grocers. A Cosmetic dentistry in Finchley may boost his website on Google with links from Worshipful Company of Barbers (and surgeons and dentists)

Website optimisation in Essex and other areas around London can increase small business income. Life in London can be stressful. Counselling for stress in Woodford is available.

Businesses flourish if their website is on the top page of Google.


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The Victorians

Industrial Revolution

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Places to visit in Central London


Greenwich Park

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Houses of Parliament

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Livery Companies – Worshipful Companies in The City of London

Apothecaries (medicine)

Barbers (also surgeons and dentists)


Chartered Accountants
Chartered Architects
Chartered Surveyors


Environmental Cleaners




Hackney Carriage Drivers



International Bankers
Merchant Taylors



Scientific Instrument Makers

Scriveners (writers of court letters and legal documents)

Security Professionals

Dealers and Collectors

The Guild of Educators


Tylers & Bricklayers

World Traders

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